Get push notifications from your WordPress Sites

Pushover Notifications allows your WordPress site to send push notifications for important events, straight to your iOS and Android devices.

Free yourself from the Dashboard

With Pushover Notifications for WordPress, you are no longer bound to your Dashboard to keep a pulse of what's happening on your site. With our plugin and extensions, your site will work for you, not the other way around.

Multiple Devices

The Pushover system works in the cloud, so whatever device is in your hands, you'll be informed. Pushover is supported on both Android and iOS devices.


Fully Extensible

Pushover Notifications for WordPress is built from the ground up to be extended. With a full list of actions and filters, you can make Pushover Notifications for WordPress work however you want it to. We've already created a collection of extensions for some of the more popular WordPress plugins.

Pushover is a trademark and product of Superblock, LLC. WordPress is a trademark of the WordPress Foundation. All logos and names are property of their respective owners.

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