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pushover-notifications-bbpYou’ll never miss a new topic on your bbPress forum when using Pushover Notifications for bbPress. This extension adds an option to each new forum created, allowing you the best flexibility in setup. Have a priority forum or a forum dedicated to paid members? No problem, get informed of their questions first. You’ll also get a weekly Forums report on Saturday stating the number of topics created, replies posted, and topics closed in the past week.

Push notifications are sent to the following roles (if the user’s have their Pushover Key in their profile):

  • WordPress Administrators
  • WordPress Super Admins (if site is Network Enabled)
  • bbPress Key Masters
  • bbPress Moderators

When a user creates a new topic within the forum, the users will get a notification stating the Forum the topic was created in, the Title of the topic, and the name of the user who submitted it, and a link to the Topic for easy viewing.

In version 1.1.5, we’ve added ‘Inherited alerts’, allowing nested forums (1 layer deep) to¬†inherit¬†the ‘Pushover’ setting from it’s parent. This will save you time if you have a large number of nested forums. If a forum has subforums, you will see an option to have it’s settings passed onto direct subforums.

Version 1.2 adds the ability to use the Core Plugin’s Multiple Application Keys, as well as the ability to subscribe to follow-up topic replies via Pushover (for users with a Pushover User Key in their profile).

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