Pushover Notifications 1.9 Released

Now With Post Notifications!!!

The long awaited feature, that I just wanted to make sure was implemented in a manageable manor is finally in the core Pushover Notifications for WordPress plugin…post publish notifications. Thanks for being patient while I made sure this was a feature that didn’t get too complex, yet wasn’t over simplified.

Here’s the details:

The administrator can choose to have Post Notifications on or off. If they are On and a user has a Pushover User Key, they will get a section in their profile that looks like this:

Each user with a Pushover User Key in their Profile will have this option.

Each user with a Pushover User Key in their Profile will have this option.

The notification will contain the Post Title, Author Name, and a clickable link to the post.

…A Note about Roles

Currently, any user who has a Pushover Key and has access to the wp-admin area of your site can subscribe to get Pushover Notifications of blog posts. This means that if you allow subscribers access to this area (which WordPress does by default), they will be able to subscribe to your new posts. This isn’t a bad thing and will allow your users to get notified of new content even faster, but if you publish a lot of content, and have a lot of users who subscribe, you may get close to the 7,500/month limitation of your application key, in which case you may need to enable the ‘Multiple Application Keys’ feature.

But what if I’m the author of the post?

Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of that too. If you are the author of the post being published here’s how it will affect you:

  • If you are the one clicking the “Publish” button, you WILL NOT get a notification
  • If someone else is clicking the “Publish” button (like an admin or editor), you WILL get a notification
  • If you or someone else scheduled your post to be published at a later date, you WILL get a notification
Full Changelog

* NEW: Added post publication notifications for users with keys in their profile. When posts move from any status to published, a notification is sent. Post authors will get a notification only if the post moves from ‘future’ to ‘publish’, to notify them of a scheduled post being published.
* NEW: Added a section to the Profile page allowing users to turn on or off Post Publish notifications at an account specific level. This is only visible if the user has a Pushover User Key and the global Post Notification setting is on
* FIX: Corrected spelling error on plugin update notification
* CLEANUP: Moved the functions for contact methods out of the class and into the includes

You should see this update in your Admin shortly, or you can download it directly from WordPress.org.

Download Now

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