Pushover Notifications for WordPress 1.7.5 released.

This update is not feature rich but does have a few new additions to the admin area. First thing you will notice is a new ‘System Info’ tab, which displays some information about your installation and environment. This will be helpful if you ever need to submit support tickets. Note that your user and application keys are not displayed, as to protect them when posting for support.

The new System Info tab will help better identify issues when troubleshooting.

The new System Info tab will help better identify issues when troubleshooting.

Another admin interface is behind the scenes, but offers a filter for the tabs. This will allow extensions to add tabs to the Pushover Notifications screen if necessary.

To do so simply do something like the following:

add_filter( 'ckpn_settings_tabs', 'add_my_settings_tab' );
function add_my_settings_tab( $tabs ) {
$tabs['mytabslug'] = 'My Tab Title';

return $tabs;

Once this is complete, you create a function following the naming convention below, which contains the settings page for your extension:

function ckpn_display_mytabslug() {
// You settings tab content

Note that the Array Key in the filter, match the ending of the function to call your tab display. This is important.

I’ve also added a link to the plugin settings page as well as Pushover.net on the WordPress plugins list in Admin. This will allow quicker navigation.

Here is a list of all the changes:

  • NEW: Tabs are now a filter so extensions can add tabs
  • NEW: System Info Tab to show settings for support (Thanks to Easy Digital Downloads for some greatĀ guidanceĀ on info to include)
  • NEW: Quick Access to Settings and Pushover.net from Plugins page
  • FIX: Converted the settings page to use the checked() function instead of custom if statements
  • FIX: Spelling error on settings page
  • FIX: Corrected link to Improved Cron plugin

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