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I just wanted to inform everyone that in the next few days you will see updates to both the bbPress and Easy Digital Downloads extensions. These updates are in preparation for version 1.7.4 of Pushover Notifications for WordPress which will clean up the Admin interface a bit more and make managing the plugin a bit easier.

This notice is to let you know that the ‘License Key’ field for the extensions will be temporarily inaccessible once the extension updates are applied, as the core plugin is going to include an easier way to manage your license keys. Your key will not be lost, and it will still be saved within your WordPress installation, it will just not be visible until Version 1.7.4 is released.

If you are a new user to one of the extensions who purchased them in the short time between the updates and the new version of the core plugin, please just wait a day or two to enter in your license key. License keys do not stop the plugin from working, just automatic extension updates from taking place. After the  core plugin update is completed, you will be able to input your license keys.

If you have any issues at all once all updates are completed, you can always get your license key from the Your Account section of the site or you can contact us on the Support Forums.

Here are a few previews of the upcoming changes:


New ‘Licenses’ tab to allow you to input Extension License Keys


Tabs have been added and the title shortened.


So much room for activities!!!! (with the license key input field tucked away in it’s own tab)

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