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This post and the following change has been in the making for quite some time. I’ve asked quite a few individuals their opinions and actually gone back and forth on making it, but I’ve finally come to a decision about the future of the license key system for WP Push.

As it stands when you purchase a license key for a Pushover Extension, this license key is valid for an extended amount of time. Originally, I wanted to do an non-expiring key, however the current software I’m using requires a date, and for that, I choose 20 years.

You might be asking, “20 years, that’s an odd number. Why 20 years?”, and you’d be right. The reason 20 was the chosen number was due to a bug in PHP that wouldn’t allow me to set a date past 2038 (Read more here) and 20 seemed like a good starting point.

So why am I changing anything…

In short, I was uneducated and entirely too optimistic. I started this as a developer…not as a business owner, entrepreneur or someone with any sense of how to manage a product line. A lot has changed in 1 year.

The long answer:
In the last year of developing these extensions, and the last year and a half of developing the core Pushover Notifications for WordPress plugin, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money (some recurring) to maintain a consistent stream of improvements to the plugin, the extensions, and the WP Push site/application platform as well as maintaining a quality product.

Quality assurance is one of my focuses and being that Extensions are essentially plugins for plugins…for WordPress, continuous testing and integration is an ongoing process. I will always attempt to make sure an extension or plugin is compatible with a dependency as soon as it is updated, but that takes time.

With that said, starting immediately, all license keys for WP Push Extensions will be for 1 year. At the end of this year, you will have the opportunity to renew this license key for a reduced rate of 30% off the full price of the extension.

What does a valid license key provide?

A valid license key is required to receive automatic updates and continued support in the forums.

Anyone who has purchased an extension prior to this will remain on their current plan.

I appreciate your understanding and support in keeping the WP Push Extensions alive and well.

About the Author: Chris

Chris Klosowski is a Software Developer, Designer, and WordPress enthusiast based out of San Tan Valley, Arizona. Currently he is a PHP Software Developer by day, and a WordPress plugin developer by night. The development, views, and expressions on WP-Push.com are his own, and do not reflect the views or opinions of anyone else.

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